30 speaking phrases you must know

1. Dùng “Sth appeals to me because” thay vì “I like it because” 2. Dùng “I get a lot of pleasure out of doing sth” thay vì “I like to do sth” 3. I am keen on doing sth 4. I am fond of (doing) sth 5. To grow fond of something/ I’ve grown fond of something

Ask for clarification 6. Sorry, I didn’t quite catch that 7. Could you say that again?

Provide clarification 8. To put it another way 9. What I am trying to say is 10. What I mean is

If you are not sure what to say 11. That’s a difficult question 12. That’s a good question 13. I never thought about it before but I guess

Agreeing with something 14. I couldn’t agree more 15. I totally agree 16. Absolutely 17. Definitely 18. Precisely 19. I tent to agree that 20. It depends

Disagreeing with something 21. That’s one way of looking at it/however 22. That’s not always true

Expressing your opinion not the fact 23. As far as I am concerned 24. As I see it 25. As far as I know 26. I suppose 27. I would imagine

Expressing facts 28. I’m convinced 29. There’s no other way

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